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Basic Ritual Outline

Most of our rituals fit this general outline.

Most public and many private rituals done by us and other groups also fit this general outline.

0. Preparation

What is the purpose of this ritual? How do you want to fulfill this purpose? Is it suitable for this group to do? Where is the best place to do it or what is the best way to do it in the place you are doing it? Do you need any props or materials?

In LunaCirca usually whoever is leading the circle adressess these questions before the ritual starts and lets the others know something of what to expect.

1. Make Sacred Space

Set aside outside concerns and create a special safe place where we can focus on the ritual and experience it more fully.

Typical steps usually include: Grounding, Consecrating the Elements, Casting a Circle, Cleansing and Charging the Circle, Calling the Quarters.

Exact order and methods are up to the style of the person or people leading the ritual.

2. Ritual Working

Do what is needed to fulfill the purpose of this ritual.

In LunaCirca this usually includes one or more (though certainly not normally all) of the following: Invocation to Goddess, Guided meditation/visualization, Making a ritual object, Candle magic, Dancing, Drumming, Chanting.

3. Sharing

Besides sharing cakes and wine (or cookies and juice or similar), we often share our experiences of doing the working.

4. Return to Normal

The gods are thanked, the quarters dismissed, the circle taken down. We hug and are free to either hang out awhile and talk or leave as we will.