LunaCirca's Networking Page

Open / Public / Semi-Public Circles

Waxing Moon Circle

Potluck, discussion, and ritual first Saturday after the New Moon. Monthly gateway for almost 30 years.

South Bay Circles

SBC has been doing Sabbat rituals in the San Jose/Palo Alto area since Beltane 1987. SBC is composed of several member groups which take turns presenting the Sabbats. LunaCirca is one of the members of SBC.


NROOGD is a tradition which originated in the late 60's in San Francisco. NROOGD covens take turns presenting public sabbats. Visit their site for info.

Other Networking / Resource Pages

New Wiccan Church

An umbrella group for British Traditional Wicca networking founded in California in the early 1970s. You can learn a bit about these traditions here.

Covenant of the Goddess (CoG)

A more generic organization of Witches and Wiccans also founded in California in the early 1970s.