LunaCirca Calendar

We meet every month on the 2nd Friday evening after the new moon. Members take turns leading rituals.

Because most of these meetings take place in private homes, the addresses will not be published on the net write to us for more information. NOTE: Ritual location changes from month to month.

I've removed the table of meeting dates as it's been hard to maintain. We really do still meet, contact us for dates, places, etc. Generally we will want to meet you in person at least once - possibly at a South Bay Circles ritual or one of the "Witches Tea" or "Meet and Greet"s put on by the San Jose Magick and Pagan and Palo Alto Area Pagan Meetup groups (

Coffee Nights - these are usually held on Tuesday evening 7:30 - 9 pm one week before the ritual. Let us know if you are coming. Many months we cancel, but if we know someone wants to meet us we won't.
We are currently meeting at Orchard Valley Coffee in Campbell when we do meet.