About LunaCirca

As you read this, you will find that we don't have many set rules and that we are rather flexible about many things. This doesn't mean that we don't have a definite group personality, just that it is hard to express in this format.

If you want to know what we are really like, you'll have to meet with us.


LunaCirca is an open women's circle. Any woman who is sincerely interested in exploring Goddess worship/pagan women's spirituality with a group of other women in the ways that LunaCirca does, is welcome to meet with us and see if we are a good fit. We are fairly eclectic, so to be happy with us you need to be open to there being many good ways to honor the Goddess, not just one correct way.

Because LunaCirca is an open circle, membership is mostly defined by self-identification. If you've been to a few of our circles, put your name on our mailing list, and feel like you are a member, you are one. Similarly to quit, you can ask to be taken off the list and/or just stop coming. This makes it hard to put exact numbers on our membership.

Some members also belong to covens or other spiritual or magical organizations of various sorts, for some LunaCirca is their only group activity. Beginners and experienced folks are both welcome.

LunaCirca definition of 'Woman'

LunaCirca has always considered transsexual women to be women. LunaCirca does not concern itself with whether members are gay/straight/bi/etc or with their ethnic backgrounds.

Most LunaCirca members are adult women of varying ages, but girls are welcome if they are old enough to participate and if we are certain of parental approval. Most of our younger members have been daughters of LunaCirca members. If a teenager whose parents aren't part of the Pagan community wants to attend, we will want her to bring her mother along to at least her first meeting.

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LunaCirca is a ritual group. Every month on the second Friday after the New Moon, we gather for ritual. LunaCirca has some traditions which you will learn of if you join us, but we are not of any particular tradition.

Each month one or two members volunteer to lead the ritual and they choose the theme and ritual format. Most of our rituals follow a generic Wiccan/ Neo-Pagan format, but some don't. We tend to be very fond of drumming, chanting, dancing, and guided meditations that we draw pictures of and/or discuss afterwards. We can be focused energy raisers, but we can also enjoy a bit of humor and silliness.

About once a year we also develop and present a ritual for SBC. We design these rituals so that as many of our members as wish to be involved can be. We tend to focus heavily on group participation and personal experience in our rituals, and this carries through to our SBC rituals.

It has been an important function of LunaCirca to be a safe place for less experienced members to learn to create and present rituals for us. Some who belong to other more specific traditions enjoy LunaCirca as a place they can experiment and express some of their other sacred interests and inspirations.

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LunaCirca belongs to all the members, but for practical reasons some structure is necessary! So we elect officers to make sure that the things that need doing get done. The term of office is one year, with a limit of two terms in an office. This limit allows more people a chance to be officers and helps to minimize officer burnout.

The positions we elect are:


She coordinates the group, making sure that someone is scheduled to lead each ritual, leads business meetings, usually represents LunaCirca in SBC meetings. Frequently but not always, the Chancellor is responsible for coordinating (compiling/editing/directing/casting/HPSing) the rituals that LunaCirca presents to SBC.


We have not had need of a treasurer for many years now.


She keeps members informed by email or snail mail. She is a backup liaison for SBC meetings.


She keeps our history archive and records.

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